Mod Boy Blue

Mod Boy Blue is an elegant gift for the mom who loves modern.

Mod Boy Blue contains:

-          62 Size 1-2 (up to 15lbs/7kg) Pampers Swaddlers

-          440ml Dove Baby Sensitive Skin Body & Hair wash (with pump lid)

-          1 Kushies 100% Cotton Receiving Blanket

-          1 Kushies 100% Cotton Burp Pad in White

-          1 Kushies 100% Cotton Burp Pad in Green Print

-          1 Kushies Blue Print Bib (Lead, BPA, PVC & Phthalate free)

-          Note: there is nothing distinctly “boy” about this besides the colour blue – if the parents of a princess love blue then go for it!  Pink ribbon could be added to the outer wrapping.

Price $80 (includes delivery within city limits)

Happy Boy

This diaper cake was custom made for a special baby boy.  A similar cake can be made for you - just ask!  The price for a cake like this would range from $75 to $150, depending on contents.

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue is a perfect little gift for a new prince’s parents or parents-to-be.

Little Boy Blue contains:

-          15 Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers

-          Pack of 50 Sassy Diaper Sacks

-          1 Magnetic Photo Frame

Price $24